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 About Dr. Hulda Clark Supplies


We had been selling high quality health and nutritional products since 1990 as Superior Health Products.

Our introduction to Dr. Hulda Clark was in 1997, when a customer of ours showed me her book, "The Cure to All Cancer."   I had heard of Dr Calrk and her work, but I had not read the book. Our costumer lent me the book to browse through and mentioned that he was going down to Mexico to see Dr. Clark for some testing on the Syncrometer.  When he returned from his trip to see Dr. Clark, he came back to get his book and purchase more supplements. He mentioned that Dr. Clark had found high amounts of freon in his liver. Unknown to her before the testing, was that this person had worked in an air conditioning factory for nine years. Part of Dr. Clarks protocol for him was to drink ozonated water and liver support tea. 

At the time I was working on a prototype for an ozone unit and my costumer asked me if I could make him one which I did. He also mentioned to me that Dr. Clark was looking for an ozone generator for her clients.  On his return visit to see Dr. Clark, he brought one of my fliers about the ozonator to show Dr. Clark. Shortly thereafter I received a call from Dr. Clark, asking if I could send her a sample; which I gladly sent. 

Dr. Clark loved our unit and we started distributing them ourselves and through Dr. Clark and her son Jeff. Next we knew, Dr. Clark had put our company name in the resourse section of all her books (where we still can be found today!) Very shortly after this, we started carrying most all of the Dr. Clark related products mentioned in her books, such as vitamins, herbs, cleansing programs and devices. We are proud to supply high quality Dr. Clark recommended products to all those who seek better health and well-being.

I was privileged to work with Dr Clark for many years to come. I attended several health functions with Dr Clark, spoke to her countless times on the phone and she was always willing to help.  She was wonderful person and a dedicated researcher and practioner.  She has helped so many people (many my own customers) and thru her books and research contines to help others.

Thank you for your continued support and business. 

Best of Health, 

Superior Health Products, Inc.

Dr Hulda Clark Supplies