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Clark MagZapper Magnetic Pulser

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The Clark MagZapper emits up to one magnetic pulse per second (the SOTA Magnetic Pulser only one pulse per 5 seconds). The Clark MagZapper has twice the capacity of the SOTA device! The most affordable magnetic pulser units on the market

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Clark MagZapper Magnetic Pulser

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The Clark MagZapper emits up to one magnetic pulse per second (the SOTA Magnetic Pulser (MPG5) only one pulse per 5 seconds). At $329.00, the unit is one of the most affordable magnetic pulser units on the market.

This pulser is easy to use, is mains operated and ergonomically designed. The Clark MagZapper has twice the capacity of the SOTA device!*, at almost the same price.

In addition, pulse rate/field strength can be adjusted. * Total capacity of the built in capacitors is double that of the SOTA device. At the setting of 1 pulse per 5 seconds, both units emit a magnetic pulse of about 6000 Gauss.

At 1 pulse per 1 second, the Clark MagZapper still emits a pulse of about 2400 Gauss, but 5 times as many pulses, or twice the magnetic field strength per unit of time. The pulse rate/magnetic field strength is not adjustable on the SOTA Magnetic Pulser.
The MagZapper is a professional device that generates a strong magnetic field applicable in magnetic therapy. More known as "Magnetic Pushbutton" A Magnetic Push Button is a magnetic magnetic wave emitter, through the principle of induction.

Magnetic fields are known to increase our well-being and give us more energy. They revitalize and relax with us as well as having a recreational effect.

What is a pulsating magnetic field?
In general, there are two different types of magnets. The permanent magnets consist of magnetic metals and generate a static magnetic field. These types of magnets have existed for hundreds of years as magnetic stones. Coils energized by electricity also create a magnetic field, its force is in function of the intensity of the current. The power of a magnetic field is measured in Gauss. Inside MagZapper there are two large capacitors. These are the electrical components capable of storing and releasing electricity quickly. MagZapper charges the capacitors and discharges them in a short, strong pulse on the magnetic coil located on the applicator head. Electricity produces a short but powerful magnetic field.

The MagZapper achieves a magnetic field strength of 6,000 Gauss (0.6 Tesla) at 0.2 Hz (1 pulse every 5 seconds). This is a very strong field. At 1 Hz (1 pulse per second) the device generates pulses of 2,400 Gauss.

Where can I apply the MagZapper?
You can apply and maintain the applicator directly on the affected area. The magnetic field is generated in the coil inside the applicator, the strength of the magnetic field decreases with each additional inch of distance.

When should I not use MagZapper?
The device should not be used in the following cases:
- Patients with pacemakers or other electronic implants
- Severe heart disease
- Diabetes
- Epilepsy
- Febrile infections of fungi and bacteria
- Pregnancy
- Acute hemorrhage

How to use MagZapper?
On / Off: The power light illuminates when this device is turned on (on)
Audio function: When the audio function is activated a beep is heard each time a magnetic pulse is released. This activation is indicated by the light LED
Controller: Here you can change the strength of the magnetic field and the frequency at which the magnetic field accumulates. The faster the magnetic field is produced, the weaker it becomes and the faster it emits, the stronger it is. Gauss is the unit of scale of the power of the magnetic field.

1s (1 Hz) = 2,400 Gauss
2s (0.5 Hz) = 3.000 Gauss
3s (o.33) = 3,600 Gauss
4 s (0.25 Hz) = 4.500 Gauss
5s (0.2 Hz) = 6.000 Gauss

Connect the external power supply with the MagZapper. Connect the power supply to the mains. Then put the power supply connector into the socket assigned to the top of the MagZapper
Press the On / Off button. All LED lights flash gently in sequence to show that the MagZapper is ready to go. The green LED flashes to indicate that a magnetic field is produced. The red light will blink if a pulsating magnetic field is released. The yellow light indicates if the audio function is on. Keep the applicator or pallet as close as possible to the desired location on the body. To relax or balance an area hold the applicator with the N side (N = magnet's north pole) directly to the skin. To stimulate an area, apply the side S (S = magnet's south pole) directly to the skin.
After a 20-minute cycle, the device beeps. If you want to continue, you will have to press the on / off button for 20 seconds, otherwise MagZapper will turn itself off automatically.
If you wish to switch the unit off soon enough, press the on / off button.

Technical data:
Basic Unit Size: 210mm x 155mm x 52mm
Applicator Size: 250mm x 75mm x 28mm
Maximum pulse strength, measured with the instrument FW Bell Gauss / Tesla Meter 5180
1s (1 Hz) = 2,400 Gauss
2s (0.5 Hz) = 3.000 Gauss
3s (o.33) = 3,600 Gauss
4 s (0.25 Hz) = 4.500 Gauss
5s (0.2 Hz) = 6.000 Gauss
Signal Type: Pulse Frequency Range: 0.2 Hz - 1 Hz
Power supply: DC 12 x 1.7 = 22.4W

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