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VariGamma 2.0 - Frequency Generator

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VariGamma 2.0 - Frequency Generator

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The Dr Clark VariGamma Version 2.0

Dr. Hulda Clark’s Zapper/Bio-frequency device has become widely used and is an integrated part of her holistic protocol.

This is the latest, newest version of the VariGamma, now called the VariGamma 2.0.

The VariGamma 2.0 is versatile, small and easy to operate with some exciting new features.

What it comes with:

The VariGamma 2.0 comes in a padded gray hard-shell plastic case complete with all the accessories you need to get started:

  • 1 VariGamma 2.0 Device  = (VariBase 2.0 + VariGamma 2.0 Module + Battery Charging Module)
  • 1 Set of Conductive Wrist Bands
  • 1 Package of Electrode sticky pads (2 pairs)
  • 1 Set of Lead Wires to connect to the device
  • 1 Set of Lead Wires with alligator clips
  • 1 Charging cord (C Type) 
  • 1 Blank Micro SD Card to store a Group of Frequencies (More blank cards are available here:     https://drhuldaclarksupplies.com/dcra-program-driver-cards-pdc-s-for-varizapper-gamma-1003.html
  • 1 User manual + Useful information About The VariZapper/Gamma
  •  1 Padded Hard Shell Padded Carrying Case
  •  2 Year Manufacturer Warranty!
  • FREE Phone or Email Support. We can help you with your questions! Priceless!


Note: Does NOT include wall charger, (The small square charger that comes with most any cell phones.)

The Pre-Programed Cards DO NOT come with the unit. They are sold separately for $15 each.

The cards have names and numbers. there are 63 different cards available.

We refer to them by their numbers to eliminate any confusion (card #1,2,3,4....)

 See Program Driver Cards 2.0 for VariZapper/Gamma 2.0)


The VariGamma 2.0 has several modes and features:


1. Automatically Timed Mode (Standard "Clark" zapping mode):

    7 minutes on, 20 minutes off, 7 on, 20 off, 7 on, automatic shut off. 

2. Continuous Zapping Mode

   The unit stays on continous Zapping mode for 1 hour then stops.

3. Bio-Frequency Zapping: This is the MAIN FEATURE that other Zappers do not have! A built-in frequency generator that allows you to run any of the 63 Pre-programmed Program Driver Cards (PDCs) that are available. (Sold separately and do not come standard with the device)

4. 1K Zappicator Function: A 1hZ frequency is produced and can be attached to a Zappicator Board for zapping water, groceries, etc. (The Zappicator Board accessory is sold separately). And to make bottle copies.

 5. User Progamable Funtion    (not available on VariZapper 2.0)

The VariGamma 2.0 allows you to choose, input and run individual frequencies (found in Dr Clark book "The Cure For All Diseases" and other works from Dr Clark).  You can also store these frequencies (or groups of frequencies) onto the unit or onto a blank MicroSD card. For some this may be an arduous task that can take time and some study. It's not as hard as it might seem but it does take some patience and study to get it right. For this reason we recommend the VariGamma 2.0 mostly for Practitioners, or research oriented persons willing to put in the time and effort to find the proper frequencies, and input them into the device. The user-made Program Driver Cards (MicroSD cards) made on the VariGamma 2.0 can be used on any VariGamma 2.0 or VariZapper 2.0 machine, making it ideal as a practitioner-level machine.

For the majority of customers the VariZapper 2.0 is the better choice for ease of use.

 Most people will use the first 3 modes in normal use.

We recommend doing a zapping session with mode 1 or 2...then use 1 of the pre-programded cards.

Both methods of zapping have their own benefit according to Dr Clark, so it's best to "do a regualr "zap", then do a card".

Each card contains from approx 10-20 specific frequencies researched by Dr Clark to be related to the area of concern as indicted by the name of the card.  Below is an example of what's in the the "Asthma" card...card #2.

You can see that the frequencies below came from her book CFAD (The Cure For All Diseases). The first item "Ascaris" is frequency 408 on pages 134/566. The frequency was programed into the machine to "wobble" between 404.9 to 409.15 and then 403.85 to 409.7. There are several parameters that need to be set, such as wave type, (square, sine, etc.), voltage, etc. There's an art to inputing these frequencies but that's a long story...let's just say that the person's who created these cards knew how to do this!

These cards are sold separately and do not come with the VariZapper 2.0 or VariGamma 2.0.

You can view and order the various pre-programed cards you may want by clicking the link below.

We refer to them by their numbers to ilimated any confusion (card #1,2,3,4....)

 See Program Driver Cards 2.0 for VariZapper/Gamma 2.0)


           Card # 2 – ASTHMA  77 mins

Pathogen                           Dr. Clark Book/page                              Frequency

Ascaris                                  408 (CFAD 134/566)                               404.9/409.15


Bacteroides fragilis                325 (CFAD 135/563)                               324.3/325


Coxsackie Viruses 3               64/362.5 (CFAD 135/564)                    360.5/366.1



Paragonimus                          452 , 447 (CFAD 138)                          437.8/454.2

Pneumocystis                        407 (CFAD 138)                                    405.75/409.15

Aflatoxin                                177, 188 (CFAD 160/562/576)                177/177

Cytochalasin B                       77, 91 (CFAD 160/562/576)                      91/91

Sterigmatocystin                    88, 96, 133, 126 (CFAD 160/562/576)     126/126


Zearlalenone                           100 (CFAD 160/562/576)                     100/100

Sorghum mold                       277 (CFAD 160/562/576)                        277/277

Griseofulvin                            288 (CFAD 160/562/576)                         288/288

Ergot                                     295 (CFAD 160/562/576)                         295/295

Argyria                                   81 (CFAD 160/562/576)                          81/81

Lycogala                                126 (CFAD 160/562/576)                         126/126

Stemonitits                             211 (CFAD 160/562/576)                         211/211


Version 2.0 Model Improvements

  • Greater frequency precision between 0.1Hz and 1 Million Hz, thanks to the latest generation of frequency generating electronic components.
  • No more disposable batteries. The internal fitted rechargeable battery can now be charged using the provided USB charging cable and most standard wall chargers that usually come with your cell phone. Note: The wall charger is NOT included here..
  • Longer usage time per recharge.
  • Pre-program battery check: You’ll never have to interrupt a program because of a low battery. A new automatic message will warn you if your battery level is critical before starting the program.
  • Easier to use thanks to the new, larger, higher resolution screen.
  • Upload your Preprogrammed driver cards (PDCs) to the on-board memory once, and they will load on to your device. You will have them available whenever you need at the touch of a button.
  • New program drivers can be uploaded to the VariZapper at a new lower price, through an Andriod Smartphone app (not currently available for Apple phones) using NFC technology. Using this method, physical program driver cards are no longer necessary.
  • More user-friendly – using an intuitive rotating wheel as the main operating mechanism. 


Legal Notice: Please note that DrHuldaClarkSupplies is unable to make any medicinal claims for the VariZapper, VariGamma or to support the claims made by Dr Hulda Clark for zappers in her books or by related internet sites. This device is sold as a TENS machine, licensed as a Class IIa Medical Device within Europe. It is not licensed for any other medical use, and no claims are made for any of the frequencies offered or utilized by this device.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Do not use this device with young children, during pregnancy, on anyone with epilepsy, a pacemaker, or other electrical medical devices installed. If you encounter any adverse side effects, please stop your use of this machine immediately and consult with an experienced medical practitioner.







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